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Trans Titles provides translation, transcription and subtitling services in all languages to private and commercial customers:

  • We do Hebrew, Russian and Arabic subtitles for TV programs and films broadcast on Israeli TV channels.
  • We do subtitles in any destination language for foreign TV channels, international and local broadcasting companies and filmmakers for worldwide film and DVD distribution.
  • We translate and transcribe subtitles and produce the associated media files, in all languages, using innovative and groundbreaking technology.

Trans Titles employs translators, transcribers, editors and proofreaders, consultants, timers, quality control professionals and technicians. We appoint a dedicated team for each program, taking into account the source and destination languages, the genre, field of expertise and deadlines involved.

At Trans Titles, we champion a meticulous standard in subtitling. Our dedicated personnel are committed to providing viewers with accurate and fluent translations, using current, correct and clear language. All in all, our expertise and attention to detail, not to mention love of film, guarantee a coherent, unambiguous and pleasant viewing experience in all languages and in any format.

Do you need Subtitles translation?

Trans Titles is one of the leading subtitling companies in Israel. We are also the parent company and developer of one of the world’s most cutting-edge subtitling software application. Our groundbreaking new subtitling interface enables you to translate and subtitle your film or project from any source language to any target language.

All you have to do is send us a link to your video along with the requested target languages and we’ll take care of the rest. Our accomplished staff will provide you with the translation and subtitles hard burned into your video or, alternately, as soft subtitle files that you can work with in other programs. If you need subtitles for a television show or for a special program, there’s no substitute for the level of expertise that we can provide.

Our clients include many of the big names in TV and film production in Israel and around the world.

TV Shows

Our qualified and experienced subtitling staff translates and then hard burns subtitles (or soft subtitles, depending on client needs), for a variety of TV and online shows as well as for various other digital media.
TV Shows

Sign Language

We are in the forefront of signing /interpreting for TV and special programming in Israel. Our team of qualified signers is ready and waiting to translate from any source language to sign language to enhance the viewing experience for the deaf and hard of hearing community.
Sign Language

Documentary films

We translate and subtitle documentaries for countless producers and independent filmmakers around the world. Enjoy the services of our most experienced translators and receive subtitle files quickly and easily.
Documentary films

Commercial Videos translation

You’ve invested in a great corporate or product video, but want to showcase it online and at global events. This is where we come into the picture: providing subtitles in multiple languages directly from our built-in subtitling interface.
Commercial Videos translation

Our clients include TV networks and production companies in Israel and around the world.

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Trans Titles leads the subtitle industry in Israel. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals can take care of all your subtitling needs at a competitive price and with great care, never missing a pun or obscure turn of phrase. Your viewers will notice the difference. We look forward to hearing from you!

We provide subtitles for an array of TV networks in Israel and around the world. We pride ourselves on delivering subtitles on time, often ahead of deadline. We have the tools to translate and subtitle any television show, locally produced film, international film, short film and of course theatrical releases.

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