Software Translation

Just as we assign a translator with a legal background to translate any and all documents that are legal in nature, we carefully consider the specific purpose of a software application, its category and its function, in order to match a translator with that particular skill-set and background.

Obviously, for accounting software you would ideally want a translator with a background in finance or accounting. For a real estate App, you would want a translator who is familiar with the world of property sales. For academic-based software, you would want a translator with a background in academia. The translator’s own professional experience gains in importance when translating an application or software, since he or she has to also translate all the graphics, the media in the software, buttons and images, help files, FAQs etc.

We provide expert application software translation. Our experienced team of proficient translators will deliver an accurate translation quickly and affordably.

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Professional Translation Services

Trans Titles is the go-to company for the translation needs of Israel’s leading companies. We provide quality service to academic institutions and government departments, to countless local businesses and law firms, and to thousands of private clients every year. We take pride in delivering accurate, succinct and true translations.

We’ve assembled an outstanding team of proficient and experienced translators to meet your translation needs, from any source language to any destination language regardless of the size or scope of the project. Contact us for more information or to book your software application translation.

Software Translation and Localization

We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the software translation services you need as well as adapting your text to the culture and language of your target audience.
Software Translation and Localization

Interface and Navigation Design Translation

We translate User Interfaces, buttons, accompanying text, Management Interfaces etc.
Interface and Navigation Design Translation

Web Content

We guarantee quick, efficient and accurate translation services at competitive prices both for the in-house software developer designing locally and for the commercial software developer working on a global scale.
Web Content

Graphics and Media

We provide accurate translation for individual software developers as well as software development companies. The translation includes buttons, text images, videos and digital media.
Graphics and Media

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Trans Titles has been providing authentic, high-quality translation services for more than a decade. We’re able to maintain such a high standard of excellence thanks to our diverse team of experienced translators.

With good reason we count market leaders in Israel among our loyal clients. We think you’ll find that the affordability and great service we provide make Trans Titles the obvious choice for your next project.

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