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With hundreds of millions of Russian-speakers throughout the world, and over a million native Russian-speakers in Israel, Russian is a global language that has enormous impact on all levels. The vast wave of Russian immigration to Israel created extensive demand for Russian translations of books, newspapers, academic articles, television shows and more.

Trans Titles Translations specializes in translation services to Russian, both for local and international customers. We provide translation services to businesses and companies operating in the market, as well as television channels, and private businessmen and more.

Speedy and Professional Translation to Russian

Trans Titles provides translation services to Russian as well as Russian to Hebrew and any other language. Our translation services include translating business documents, legal or medical documents, translating websites, television shows, and more.

Trans Titles puts a team of proficient Russian-speaking translators at your disposal. Our knowledgeable translators are well versed in the various Russian dialects, as well as Russian culture and fields such as economics, law, medicine, culture, art, etc., enabling them to provide you with accurate and professional translations at the highest level.

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subtitles translation

Subtitle Translation to Russian

Israel’s Russian population consists of over one million people. We provide translation services for many domestic and international television channels. Our services include professional translation, dubbing and transcription, as well as distribution of video clips, guides and tutorials in various fields. Our translation services include translations into Russian from any language, and translating from Russian into Hebrew, Arabic, English and other languages.

legal translation

Legal Translation to Russian

Legal translation is a field that requires the services of professionals in the legal sector. For the translation of legal documents, it is necessary to utilize the services of a lawyer or notary, so as to ensure that it will be a true translation that will be legally valid. Trans Titles specializes in legal translations into Russian, and provides translators from the legal sectors, and translators who are familiar with the field. We ensure that translations are reliable, professional and swift.

website translation

Website Translation to Russian

The Russian market is a wide platform for the business world, so nearly every website currently requires Russian translation services. If you wish to expand your customer base and communicate with this huge and influential market, we invite you to use our Russian translation services in your website.

Translating your website into Russian with Trans Titles will enable you to penetrate the Russian market. Our translations are executed by professionals who are familiar with the language as well as the world of the Internet, and will perform the job for you quickly and efficiently. We at Trans Titles translate websites dealing in a variety of fields, and will provide you with translation services for your target

Professional Russian translation

Trans Titles is a leading company in the field of translation services to Russian, in a variety of fields. If you need professional translation services in fields such as medicine, art, computers, business translations, professional reports, etc., we will be glad to put at your disposal our team of experienced translators in Israel. Call us today for additional information and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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