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Translations to Hebrew, and particularly business and academic translations, require the use of a professional translation company that can match the most suitable translator for the specific text. At Trans Titles, we provide translation services into Hebrew from any language. Our translation team includes skilled translators who are versed in a variety of professional fields, enabling us to handle all types of texts.

In addition, and thanks to our very extensive team of translators and many years of experience in providing professional translation services for countless customers, both business and private, we are equipped to translate into Hebrew from any source language. Contact us today for more information, details, and to order services, and we will be glad to assist you.

Translation of any document into Hebrew

Subtitle Translation

Subtitle Translation
Do you need subtitle translation services into Hebrew? Trans Titles Translations provides subtitles translation and transcription serviced for private and business customers in all languages. We provide translation services into Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and other languages to media companies and Israeli television channels, as well as subtitle translation services into any other language for international television channels, video distributors or for distribution of smart, multilingual video guides in all languages.

Document Translation

Document Translation
Translation to Hebrew requires the services of a professional translator, since every text has its own professional character and contains keywords and terminology that are unique to the field the text deals with. We provide Hebrew translation services for all types of documents, including the translation of a range of texts - legal, medical, academic, literary, narrative and more. We are equipped to provide speedy translation services in any language. Contact us today for further information and to order a translation.

Website Translation

Website Translation
Many businesses seek to reach the Israeli or international public, whether to attain exposure in the global market or to promote their website. If you need website translation services into Hebrew or from Hebrew into other languages, Trans Titles is the smart choice. Our rich experience in providing translation services and rapid work processes enable us to provide you with website translation services at attractive prices and in a fast and professional manner.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation
Legal Translation requires a professional with a legal background matching the text’s country of origin and the destination country. As in any profession field, but especially in the case of legalese, there is legal terminology based on legal precedents and specific local statutes. It is for this reason that is it important to find the most suitable translator for the specific legal text you need to translate. Contact us today for further information and to order a translation.

Software Translation

Software Translation
Do you have a software program suitable for the Israeli public? Do you need translation and localization for your software? Trans Titles Translations specialized in comprehensive translation of software and modification of the software’s interface for the target public, even for professional programs such as accounting software, legal applications, inventory management applications or similar software. Alongside translation of the interface, we also translated all relevant media, such as images and training videos.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation
Like legal translations, medical translation requires professional translation that usually calls for a medical translator, that is usually an MD or student of medicine, or a translator with medical knowledge in the relevant medical field of the translated text. Trans Titles offers a wide pool of experienced translators from Israel and throughout the world, that were carefully selected to deliver clear and professional medical translations performed by an expert in the field.

Additional translation services to and from Hebrew:

  • Technical documents
  • Literary texts
  • Scientific texts
  • Legal translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Translation of articles
  • Translation of software
  • Academic translation
  • Video transcription
  • Correspondence
  • Medical labels
  • Fliers and brochures

Trans Titles Translations is considered one of Israel's leading translation companies. We provide expert and speedy translation services using the most advanced technologies and an experienced team of translators in Israel and worldwide. We provide translation services in a range of more than 35 languages, for any type of text: professional, academic, scientific or business. Contact Trans Titles today to receive an attractive quote for any type of translation, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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