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French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, both as a mother tongue and as a foreign language. Hundreds of years of imperialism have made French one of the world’s most important languages of business people, academics or tourists visiting French speaking countries.

Trans Title’s team of translators will provide you with French translation services in a variety of fields - business, legal, academic, technical and more. We adhere to the original text and preserve the text’s unique style, and offer profession, quick and precise translations.

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Professional French Translation

Trans Titles offers professional translation services from French and to French from any language. We provide translation services in fields such as media and television, translation of legal document, medical documents, website translations and more.

We provide translation services to numerous companies and businesses, as well as public institutions, Israeli and foreign television channels and more. Our translations are professional, swift and accurately reflect the original text. Our translation team consists of French speakers who are familiar with the intricacies of language and have experience in providing translations of the highest quality for any document in any field.

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Legal Translation to French

Trans Titles provides French translation services in the legal field. If you need a notarized translation or a translation by an attorney, we can offer you the finest professionals for the translation of documents, reports, lawsuits and more. Additionally, we provide legal translation services by translators familiar with the legal world for general translations in the legal field, for instance for Law students or anyone interested in the law.


French Transcription

Transcription from a foreign language is, in fact, the conversion of speech and verbal messages into written text. We at Trans Titles have, for many years, been transcribing media such as television programs, radio programs as well as lectures, legal proceedings and the like into French.

High quality transcription requires quite a lot of experience, knowledge of the various levels of the written and spoken language, as well as suitable equipment. At Trans Titles Transcription we offer you transcription services of the highest quality coupled with high availability. Our team has extensive experience in transcription, and we can provide a range of transcription options according to your needs.


Website Translation to French

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it is for this reason that many website operators wish to translate their sites into French. Translation of a website into French opens many doors, both commercial and social.

Titles Trans specializes in translating websites into French, and translating from various languages into French. We offer our customers website translation services by the finest translators, in a diverse range of fields, in order to provide you with accurate and reliable translation while preserving the original content.

Translation from French to Hebrew and Hebrew to French

Whether translating a business document, an academic article or a short text, it is vital that the translation express the original in clear, respectable language. With Trans Titles’ translation services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of rapid, professional and accurate French to Hebrew and Hebrew to French translation services.

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