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Most people around the world speak English. They pick it up by watching television shows, surfing the web or conducting business transactions. But it’s a whole different story when it comes to translating professional documents or subtitling films.

A non-professional translator runs the risk of mistranslating words that have more than one meaning. It is critical to use the right terminology when translating sensitive material, like legal and medical documents, from the source language to the destination language.

Trans Titles offers professional translation services from English and to English from any language. Our translation services include document translation, subtitles for films, TV, commercials, translation of electronic media, website translation as well as most textual material.

Trans Titles provides translation services to thousands of large corporations, small businesses, Public Institutions and countless private customers. Translation to English is one of our most requested services. Our English translation services are most frequently requested in the following areas:

Professional Translation to/from English

Legal Translation to English

Legal Translation requires a professional with a legal background. Whether it’s an attorney or a Notary, it’s critical that the translator be familiar with the legal world. Legal translation to and/or from English requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal terminology in English and in the destination language.

legal translation
medical translation

Medical Translation to English

It is vitally important that the professional assigned to translating medical documents have a background in medicine. Ideally he or she is a doctor, a professor of medicine, a nurse or an EMT. The translator must be intimately familiar with medical terminology and be able to accurately translate it to the destination language. There’s no room for error when it comes to medical records or health insurance documents.

Translation to and from English

Translations from English to Hebrew and vice versa are understandably very common in Israel. Since most people speak English there is always the sense that one can do it on one’s own as opposed to reaching out to the professionals in the field. If accuracy is important to you we recommend you contact the professionals.

english to hebrew

Website Translation to English

An Israeli company was able to transform their website into a local success story. People love their innovation and can’t wait to use their products or services. If this local company wants to reach a global audience, it is essential for them to translate their site into English. Trans Titles offers professional website translation from any language to English.

English Translation with the Experts

Trans Titles offers professional, accurate and expedited translation services to and from English. We have an experienced team of skilled translators from around the world ready to meet your document and textual material translation needs. Contact us for a competitively priced estimate today.

We pride ourselves in offering translation services to English or any other language. Our satisfied clients include a wide range of corporations and individuals in Israel and throughout the world. If you need an expertly crafted translation to English, you’ve reached the experts. Contact us for more info.

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