Company Profile

Established in 1999, Trans Titles is one of the leaders in Israel’s thriving translation industry.

At Trans Titles, we translate between dozens of language pairs. We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation on location and in the conference hall. We also translate for the many exciting platforms that visual and digital communications have added to print translation: TV, film, stage, video, DVD, radio, Internet sites, the gaming industry and the mobile world. We provide top-tier translation for the format appropriate to the platform – subtitling, dubbing, and sign-interpreted TV programs.

Our document translation department translates between many language pairs. As well as being bilingual or multilingual speakers, our experienced translators come from diverse academic and business backgrounds. This means that we are always able to call on a translator with the expertise you need. You, on the other hand, are assured of an accurate translation, whether it’s a legal contract; financial report; medical, training, technical or promotional materials; or simply personal and business correspondence.

At Trans Titles, we use the latest technologies to amplify the inherent skills and experience of our translators. Technology enables us to more quickly and effectively meet your translation needs. Our long-standing clients in the business, public and private sectors enjoy the benefits.

Joint Ventures

Trans Titles works together with post production houses, dubbing studios and select translation companies in Israel and around the world in order to guarantee its customers reliable and quality translation in any language, at any time and in any format.

ply_logo Trans Titles partners with PLY MEDIA